Qatar ranks #1 safest country in the world

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Qatar continues to top the charts as the world’s safest country, according to the latest Numbeo Crime Index by Country 2023

Qatar has taken the index’s top spot since 2018 although Japan took back its previously held lead in 2019 before losing to Qatar again in 2020 and ever since. 

Numbeo is the world’s largest cost of the living database. It is also a crowd-sourced global database of quality of life data, housing indicators, perceived crime rates, healthcare quality, transport quality, and other statistics.

The index surveyed 142 countries with four Gulf nations in the top ten, including UAE (2), Oman (5) and Bahrain (10). Others in the top 10 include Taiwan (3), the Isle of Man (4), Hong Kong (6), Armenia (7), Japan (8) and Switzerland (9). Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, Monaco, Croatia and Iceland were ranked 11 to 15, respectively.

Qatar’s crime index is 14.8 compared to 13.8 last year, while the country’s safety index stands at 85.2. It ranked 86.22 in the same category the previous year. 

Qatar’s ranking was further confirmed during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, hailed as the best and safest tournament in World Cup history, recording zero major crimes. Visiting fans, families, and solo female travellers expressed feeling safe throughout. 

Last year, the Global Peace Index ranked Qatar as the most peaceful country in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Out of 163 countries, Qatar ranked the 23rd most peaceful country in the world.

Taipei (Taiwan), Ajman, Sharjah (both UAE), Quebec (Canada), Dubai (UAE), San Sebastian (Spain) and Eskisehir (Turkiye) make up the top ten. Muscat (Oman) joined the other Gulf cities in the top 15. Riyadh was ranked 55th by Numbeo. 

Venezuela remained the least safe country in the world with the highest crime index at 82.6 and the lowest safety index measured at 17.4. Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan, South Africa, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Syria, Somalia and Jamaica are the top 10 least safe countries, according to Numbeo. 

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