Qatar pledges $100 Million humanitarian aid to Ukraine

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Qatar has committed to providing $100 million in humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, aiming to bolster support in areas of health, education, and de-mining, as announced by Ukrainian Prime Minister, Denys Shmyhal. The news followed talks between Shmyhal and the Gulf state’s premier, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman al-Thani, who is also serving as Qatar’s foreign minister.

Prime Minister al-Thani had earlier in the day announced his impending visit to Ukraine, indicating a strengthened bond between the two nations. The pledged funds are expected to play a pivotal role in the reconstruction of critical social sectors that have been severely affected by the ongoing crisis.

The allocation of these funds will primarily target reconstruction projects in health and education, humanitarian de-mining operations, and other significant social and humanitarian initiatives. Shmyhal elaborated on the intended use of the funds in a joint briefing, highlighting the potential transformative effect of this substantial aid package on the nation’s recovery process.

In the talks between the two Prime Ministers, Shmyhal also discussed Ukraine’s peace formula – a comprehensive 10-point plan encompassing nuclear, energy, and food security, as well as the restoration of national borders among other key issues.

Additionally, Shmyhal expressed his gratitude towards Qatar for its readiness to intervene in the contentious issue of the repatriation of thousands of Ukrainian children, who were relocated to Russia following Moscow’s invasion. He welcomed Qatar’s potential role as a mediator in this highly sensitive matter.

Moscow maintains its actions have been aimed at protecting orphans and children left abandoned in the conflict zones, whereas Ukraine and the United States argue that many of these children have been forcibly removed from their homes and deported illegally.

As Qatar steps forward to provide financial aid and mediate in the ongoing crisis, this gesture symbolises an important step towards alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and fostering a potentially peaceful resolution to the current conflict.

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