Qatar plans over 300 strategies to tackle climate change

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Qatari officials have confirmed the identification of more than 300 strategies designed to mitigate the ongoing and future effects of climate change. The innovative plans reflect Qatar’s commitment to honouring its international pledges in the battle against climate change, principally through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Ahmed Mohamed Al Sada, the Assistant Undersecretary for Climate Change Affairs at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC), detailed this ambitious blueprint during the inaugural session of the ‘Climate Vulnerability & Impact Assessment for Qatar’ workshop.

The two-day event, co-hosted by MoECC and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), saw a broad spectrum of attendees, including government officials, academics, private sector representatives, and members of civil society organisations, convene in Doha.

Al Sada shared the initial findings of climate vulnerability assessments across six crucial sectors and provided an overview of Qatar’s National Action Plan. He revealed that the 300 plus strategies identified were designed to mitigate both current and anticipated impacts of climate change across diverse sectors. These included the economy, infrastructure, healthcare, food and water security, and biodiversity.

Over the years, Qatar has demonstrated a serious commitment to environmental sustainability, crafting a national environmental and climate change strategy, and a comprehensive decade-long climate change action plan.

Highlighting the importance of collaboration to reach these ambitious targets, Al Sada emphasised the need for joint efforts amongst stakeholders and national and international organisations.

He further noted the collaboration between the MoECC and the GGGI on the National Climate Adaptation Planning Project. This project aims to enhance Qatar’s National Adaptation Planning (NAP) process by identifying and addressing the country’s medium and long-term climate change priorities.

Chiden Oseo Balmes, Senior Program Officer at GGGI’s Qatar Office, underscored the significance of adaptation to climate change and affirmed the organisation’s dedication to facilitating Qatar’s NAP process. He further emphasised the potential of transforming climate-related challenges into resilience-enhancing opportunities through the implementation of appropriate adaptation measures.

Qatar is poised to make significant strides in climate change mitigation and adaptation guided by its comprehensive strategic approach. The nation’s commitment to curbing emissions and enhancing resilience across multiple sectors is expected to contribute significantly to global efforts in mitigating the impacts of climate change.

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