Qatar Museums celebrates Sustainability Week

The first of its kind, Qatar Museums launched Sustainability Week 2023, tailored for the museums’ staff, families, as well as educational institutions in the country. The series of events started on Sunday 19th and runs through to February 23.

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Doha, Qatar - A beautiful panorama of the national museum of qatar with people walking by.

Qatar Museums’ Sustainability Week aspires to educate and involve their staff and the wider community in sustainability-oriented activities. The series of events hopes to provide the local community with the tools and knowledge that will inspire them to carry out sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Ahmad Al Namla, Chief Executive officer of Qatar Museums said: “At Qatar Museums, we are committed to supporting Qatar’s cultural ecosystem through initiatives grounded in innovation and sustainability. In line with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and Qatar Museums’ vision of being an active player in the development of a more sustainable and contemporary culture where people live in harmony with nature, we host the Sustainability Week 2023. We encourage the public to join us this week.”

Join Qatar Museums Sustainability Week:

Tuesday February 21
Donation/Recycling Day in the Museum of Islamic Art and the National Museum of Qatar is taking place. Dedicated collection areas will be demarcated in both museums for donations that will later be given to Qatar Red Crescent Society.
Light Out Day will also be organized to reduce unnecessary energy usage. Qatar Museums is set to switch off lights across all its facilities overnight for half an hour.

Wednesday February 22nd
Sustainability in Arts & Culture, hosted in collaboration with the Doha Fire Station, artists and experts will discuss sustainable art practices.

Thursday February 23rd
Beach Clean-up. Volunteers take part in a beach clean-up activity and receive a certificate of appreciation for supporting the local community. If the desire to do good does not motivate you enough, think college applications… these sorts of activities look good on paper, and feel good IRL.

A Sustainability Talk was held on Monday in the Auditorium of the National Museum of Qatar. The educational special was developed for schools and universities and aimed to highlight the environmental impacts of our way of life, the importance of implementing sustainable practices in daily life, and will explore methods of measuring carbon footprints.

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