Qatar cracks down on corruption, charging disgraced minister

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Qatar flag with statue of lady justice

In a recent statement released by the state-run News Agency, Qatar has shown its dedication to upholding justice and transparency by confirming that its former finance minister Ali Sharif al-Emadi, will be facing charges of bribery and embezzlement stemming from his time in office.

Ali Sharif al-Emadi, Qatar’s former finance minister, was arrested in May 2021, subsequently relieved of his ministerial responsibilities, and promptly dismissed from the boards of both the Qatar Investment Agency and Qatar National Bank. Prior to these developments, he had held the position of CEO at the bank.

The Public Prosecution has announced that all required investigations for this case have been concluded, which involved questioning the accused, interviewing witnesses, and reviewing technical reports. Based on the evidence gathered from the case documents, it has been established that the accused indeed committed the crimes attributed to him. Consequently, the Attorney General has issued an order to bring the accused before the Criminal Court to face punishment for the alleged crimes, including bribery, embezzlement of public funds, abuse of office, abuse of power, causing harm to public funds, and money laundering.

According to Transparency International, Qatar is the second least corrupt Arab country. The Corruption Perception Index 2022 ranks the Gulf emirate the 40th among 180 countries, putting Qatar in the top 25% globally when it comes to fighting corruption – better than Italy, Greece, Saudi Arabia, China, South Africa, India or Russia.

The charges against Ali Sharif al-Emadi underscore Qatar’s dedication to upholding justice and promoting accountability at the highest levels of government.

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