Qatar Charity opens two Health Centres in rural Ghana

Qatar Charity has opened two new health centres in Tamale and Savlgo in the Northern Region of Ghana. The initiative is part of Qatar Charity's continuous humanitarian efforts to support the health system in the neediest areas of Ghana.

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The two health centres were inaugurated in the presence of local and community leaders who expressed their satisfaction with Qatar Charity’s vital projects in less developed regions of Ghana. The centres were funded by a Qatari citizen and offer first aid services in emergency cases, maternal and child services, reproductive health services, vaccination of children and women, laboratory services for basic medical examinations, awareness and health checks for common diseases, as well as dispensing essential medicines.

The two centres will contribute to improving the level of public health and achieving development in rural areas that do not have adequate health coverage. They will reduce the suffering of pregnant mothers who used to travel long distances to seek health services and provide necessary health services to the community. The quality of implementation and completion of the construction of the two centres in record time was praised by the representative of the Parliament, Hassan Seibu Sehini.

Qatar Charity has implemented more than 30 health centres throughout Ghana over the past four years, and the number of beneficiaries exceeded 413,000. The charity’s development contributions to provide a decent life for the beneficiaries are diverse and effective, said Dr. Abbas Adam, Professor of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Development Studies in Tamale. The opening of the two health centers has been welcomed by the community of Savlgo and the surrounding villages, who are pleased that they will receive health services in the heart of their city.

The construction of the health centres came at the right time, said Mr. Muhammadu Ahmed, Secretary-General of the DOKU Society. They were in dire need of a hospital in the region due to the increase in the population, which Qatar Charity responded to and implemented with its humanitarian donation. Masa Bashir, Assistant Director of the Health Department, noted Qatar Charity’s humanitarian stand by the needy in Ghanaian society and its support for the development plan in the State of Ghana.

The opening of two health centres in rural Ghana by Qatar Charity is a significant contribution to improving public health and achieving development in less developed regions. The charity’s continuous efforts to support the health system in the neediest areas of Ghana are commendable and should be appreciated. The beneficiaries of these centers will have access to necessary health services, which will help in reducing the suffering of the sick and needy.

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