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Qatar 2022 was the most-streamed World Cup in the tournament’s history. Aligned with the growth of streaming services platforms that gained mainstream status by 2018 in earnest, jumping further during the global pandemic, data by ‘World Soccer Talk’ indicates that Qatar 2022 was a huge win for streaming.

Qatar 2022 broke records in total streaming viewership for a World Cup tournament; FOX’S most-streamed World Cup match ever; and most streaming minutes.

Consistent for both FOX’s properties and Telemundo, which ran the Spanish-language coverage of the World Cup, both FOX and Telemundo recorded record-breaking numbers during November and December’s tournaments.

FOX surpassed 2.75 billion streaming minutes during the World Cup. According to World Soccer Talk, the final between France and Argentina was the most-streamed contest. On average, 1,281,776 people streamed the game. This represents an increase of 158% compared to the 2018 World Cup Final.

Qatar 2022 was one of FOX Sport’s most streamed events ever, across all sports with the World Cup Final only trailing Super Bowl LI and LIV in terms of streaming records.

2.96 million people tuned into Telemundo to stream the World Cup Final between France and Argentina on Peacock and Telemundo Deportes making it the most-streamed World Cup match of all time in US media history with Argentina’s contest against Mexico recording an audience of 2 million.

Peacock and Telemundo Deportes pulled over 1 million live streams on 12 occasions at the World Cup with each of USA’s and Mexico’s games hitting the million viewers’ benchmark.

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