Promoting financial inclusion through the Visa Everywhere Initiative Special Editions

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Visa, the global payments technology company, has launched the 2023 Visa Everywhere Initiative, a competition aimed at startups in the payments industry that are developing innovative solutions to improve financial access. The competition is part of Visa’s ongoing commitment to making money more accessible to everyone.

The 2023 competition is a pitch competition judged by Visa executives, clients and partners, and it is designed to offer greater accessibility in the way money moves. Last year, Visa introduced the Special Edition competitions to reach a more diverse group of innovators who are solving unique payment problems. Now, applications for the 2023 Visa Everywhere Initiative Special Edition competitions are available for black-founded/focused startups as well as those founded by women and LGBTQ+ in the U.S.

Visa’s Vice President of NA Fintech and New Business Development, Erin Pursell, said, “At Visa, we see our work with fintechs and startups as an excellent opportunity to reinvent a better way for consumers to manage their finances and businesses to manage their operations. Through the Visa Everywhere Initiative Special Editions, we are doubling down on our commitment to support businesses that are diverse-owned, diverse-led or focused on diverse target markets and to boost exposure to underrepresented founders who promote financial inclusion.”

Visa Everywhere Initiative is building a community of diverse innovators. In 2022, the Visa Everywhere Initiative global finals were preceded by a year-long series of competitions that saw more than 4,000 entrepreneurs across the world presenting innovative ideas to solve the payment challenges of tomorrow.

The 2023 Visa Everywhere Initiative Special Edition competitions will continue to highlight a new wave of diverse-founded startups and fintechs in the United States. As part of the Visa Everywhere Initiative Special Edition, Visa will hold separate pitch competitions in May, June and July for black-founded/focused startups, for those founded by LGBTQ+, and for those founded by women. Each competition will award two prizes for an overall winner and audience favorite, with the overall winner receiving $20,000 USD and the audience favorite receiving $5,000 USD.

Applications for the 2023 Visa Everywhere Initiative Special Edition competitions are already open, and participants. Visa’s commitment to supporting diverse-owned businesses and promoting financial inclusion is inspiring, and the Visa Everywhere Initiative is an excellent opportunity for startups to showcase their innovative solutions and make a positive impact on the payments industry.

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