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Richard Eyimofe Evans Mofe-Damijo, popularly known as RMD, is a Nigerian actor, writer, producer, and lawyer. He is also a former Commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Delta State. In 2005 he won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

RMD is well known in Africa and has played many lead roles in high-grossing movies including the recently released Netflix movie, The Black Book, in which he played the retired hitman Paul Edima who led a quiet, yet fulfilling life until a corrupt Nigerian police unit shot his son and tried to frame the deceased young man for a kidnapping. The rest of the story got RMD’s character to be likened to John Wick.

RMD likes to hunt as a hobby and this skill came in handy when preparing for the role of Paul Edima in The Black Book. He told Qonversations that he was trained to handle weapons professionally by a U.S. Marine stationed in Nigeria.

“I was taught by a serving Marine that we got from the U.S. Embassy here in Nigeria. And my personal trainer was Uzi Kwendu. Uzi Kwendu is a very popular trainer. I also had a good nutritionist, a young lady called Nina Bell was my nutritionist. They both did absolutely wonderful. So it took all of about 13 months,” he told Ismail Akwei on The Qonversation.

RMD’s favourite quote is “keep it simple” or “less is more”. He explained:

“Because when you keep it simple, it’s like that, when less is more it’s like that. So life is not as complicated as people think it is. When you keep it simple, you will find that in simplicity lies all the complexities of life”.

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