Profile of Laetitia Saint Maur

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With a track record spanning two decades in expanding digital businesses for international publishing and tech companies, Hearst and LinkedIn, Laetitia Saint Maur has proven her expertise in the fields.

Beyond her achievements, Laetitia’s passion extends to areas such as sustainability, making an impact, promoting diversity and empowering women. Recently she has taken her dedication to women’s well being to the level by establishing a platform centred around women’s health, ‘menopause divine’. The primary goal of her platform is to bridge the information and support gaps for women navigating through the overlooked phase of menopause.

Laetitia’s unwavering commitment to this cause is evident as she shares her vision for the platform emphasizing its role in helping women cope but also enabling them to learn, heal and thrive during the period of menopause. Through courses, seminars and personalized consultations she envisions offering a resource that empowers women with knowledge and support.

Laetitia Saint Maur’s drive for entrepreneurship combined with her dedication to creating change establishes her as a forward-thinking champion for women’s health.

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