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George Mangos is co-Principal of Interunity Group, a leading service provider to the global maritime industry. The family-run shipping group of companies, partnered with some of the largest institutional investors in the shipping space, is lauded for its commercial and technical management standards and expertise.

George oversees Interunity’s commercial functions, including its co-investment strategies in shipping with major institutional investors.

In 2019, George was profiled as one of Lloyd’s List’s ‘most promising entrepreneurs’.

Interunity Group primarily work with institutional partners. “We currently run a fleet of 53 ships, primarily tankers, but we’ve also historically owned and controlled bulk carriers, containers and various other vessel types”, George explains. “In terms of volumes, today we transport about 12 million metric tonnes of liquid bulk cargoes that would be chemicals, product edibles and inorganics – acids and so on. And historically, we also transport between 3 to 4 million metric tonnes of dry bulk cargoes”.

“We co-invest in debt structures and equity structures with sort of equal verve”, which George argues is the Group’s key differentiator. Interunity also operate one of the more successful chemical and product tanker systems globally under the banner of Sokana where we control about a million deadweight of tankers today”.

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