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David Svarrer is a technology solutions expert and the CTO of SkyFi Energy, a Danish company which is working on a patented solar system to cut electricity costs by 30% for millions of households. He has worked on 4 continents across civil, military, technological, administrative, and financial applications. and he’s currently based in Kenya.

He is passionate about renewable energy and tree planting which he believes is the solution to carbon emissions.

“We have harvested more than 3 trillion trees since 1850 and a lot of desertification has been caused by the same… Our goals are to make sure that we do everything we can in our power, for instance, we are going to use the revenues we’re getting from SkyFi Energy and from the solar concentrator – the vast majority of it – when we have grown big enough, we are going to simply donate to tree planting because we strongly believe that planting of trees everywhere can solve the problem.”

“The reason why we are focused on trees is just one, that if we plant these trees, then these trees will consume the CO2. So we actually solved two problems in one.”

In the past 30 years, David Svarrer hasn’t gone on vacation because of his passion for work.

“I can say I work around 80 to 90 hours per week. I’ve done that my entire life, and in the most recent ten years I worked in renewable energy that is now taking us into an area of technology and IT. Because we think that will raise the money for the solar concentrator and the solar concentrator when sold in about 400 million samples, that would raise enough funds so we can replant all the trillions of trees.”

What would David Svarrer’s eulogy say?

“It would say that I lived as one of the very few humans on Earth, I lived until I was 142 years old. That’s number one. And that was a bit peculiar. And the other thing it would say is that I worked very tirelessly to sort out major problems for mankind.”

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