Profile of Crispin Flintoff

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A member of the Labour Party, Crispin joined the Labour party in a more official role ahead of the 2010 General Election to counter expected Conservative cuts to welfare and public services. Disillusioned in the 1980s, he returned to make a difference, becoming a GC member of Brentford & Isleworth and holding various roles, including Press & Publicity Officer and Vice-Chair Membership, then serving as joint Fundraising Officer in Kensington CLP.

Initiating a successful comedy night fundraiser for Isleworth & Brentford, Crispin expanded to organise over 250 comedy nights across the UK, raising £150,000 for 100+ CLPs, aiming not just for financial support but to boost morale.

Frustrated with the lack of grassroots support, Crispin ran for the NEC in 2014, receiving 12,539 votes as an independent candidate. Inspired by Quaker Socialist parents, he hold beliefs in honesty, hard work, pacifism, and is an active advocate against the societal gulf between rich and poor, and more recently in the “Stop Starmer” campaign.

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