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Nuno’s most recent football fixation was nothing short of epic. His is a story of the turnaround of a struggling football club. Under Nuno’s leadership, the club underwent a transformation resulting in an unparalleled winning streak. As the President of the Portuguese football club Sport Clube Vianense, Nuno took the club from the bottom of the fourth league to the top of the third in just 11 months. Prior to his success with Vianense, Nuno spent five years in the management team of one of Portugal’s biggest football clubs, Sporting CP, where he headed the internationalisation and commercial departments.

A passionate advocate for the sport with a strong commitment to ethical governance and financial stewardship, Nuno has fought the good fight within the institutions he loves. Nuno tells The Qonversation what the key to a successful season is, the importance of a plan, where the future of football lies and what constitutes a good investor.

Nuno is also the CEO and founder of PROPLAYER, a global consulting company specialized in sports, marketing and entertainment management with a vision and purpose of enhancing value through differentiation and strategic collaboration.

Nuno’s high energy, enthusiasm and drive enabled him to manage extreme competition and high-stress situations working on major events, sporting and otherwise, from F1 UEFA Euro Cup of 2004 in Portugal to Lisbon’s Expo 98. Nothing excites him more than a challenge and he lives by the mantra “Decide. Commit. Act. Succeed. Repeat.” by Tim S. Grover.

Watch the exciting episode of The Qonversation with Nuno Azevedo e Cardoso hosted by Eleanor Sá-Carneiro.

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