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Kat Wendelstadt is a marketeer with a track record scaling healthcare startups from concept to exit. She specialises in helping startups reach their next growth phase, having been a Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder at startups valued at $1 billion.

Disillusioned by her decade at big tech companies including Microsoft and Nokia, Kat moved into the startup world “serendipitously” more than a decade ago, she tells Qonversations, a world she identified better with.

Following an accelerator programme at Singularity University in Silicon Valley, Kat on a health tech project which resulted in a company called, HelixNano, that includes Bill Gates and Sam Altman as investors and works on cancer vaccines among other things.

Doubling down on that experience, she spent time at a few startups in Brazil, two of which in primary care, namely Dr. Consulta that became the largest primary care provider in Latin America where she was their first CMO, building clinics for the lower-income population across Brazil. Kat was also the co-Founder of Amparo, another low-cost clinic chain. After her decade in Brazil, she went on to Asia to advise another health tech startup on how best to grow.

Kat is now an angel investor in some 20 startups and prioritises impact investment, investing in “exceptional teams solving meaningful problems”.

Watch the insightful episode of The Qonversation with Kat Wendelstadt hosted by Eleanor Sá-Carneiro.

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