President Zelensky proposes Global Peace Summit, African leaders extend support

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on Friday his invitation to African leaders to participate in a forthcoming global peace summit, as reported by Reuters. This invitation was extended during a press conference with a delegation of African leaders who arrived in Kyiv, undeterred by alleged Russian missile attacks aimed at Ukraine’s capital.

Africa’s leaders had remained neutral during the United Nations votes to sanction Russia, which the West is understanding does not represent support for Russia nor for a war but is rather indicative of Africa’s desire to stay out of conflicts that are not of their own making.

Of the seven-country delegation visiting Kiev by train from Poland and that will go onto St. Petersburg to meet with Russian President Putin, South Africa and Uganda are seen as leaning towards Russia, while Zambia and Comoros are closer to the West. Egypt, Senegal and Congo-Brazzaville have remained largely neutral.

President Zelensky is pushing for an international effort to end the ongoing conflict with Russia, rather than engaging in direct peace talks with Moscow. He expressed his belief that such talks would only freeze the conflict instead of effectively resolving it.

The global peace summit forms a central part of Zelensky’s proposed “peace formula”, first introduced in November. This 10-point plan primarily calls for the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. The Kyiv administration sees this as the only feasible route towards lasting peace.

A firm date for the summit is yet to be set. Zelensky’s Chief of Staff confirmed earlier this month that Ukraine is striving to ensure the participation of as many Global South nations as possible.

The African delegation’s visit to Kyiv signifies their solidarity and commitment to finding peaceful resolutions to conflicts. It stands as a testament to the potential global collective action against warfare and aggression. However, the priority for African leaders is said to be to secure fertilizer and grain, goods that both Russia and Ukraine are withholding, causing a strain on global food security.

As the world continues to watch Ukraine’s evolving situation, Zelensky’s proposed peace summit highlights the country’s steadfast pursuit of a peaceful resolution and the global cooperation required to achieve it.

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