Philippines government allocates PHP550 million for expansion of RoRo Terminal, following Blue Lane programme success

Following the successful implementation of the Blue Lane Program by the provincial government of Sorsogon in tackling congestion at the Port of Matnog, an initial funding of PHP550 million has been set aside for the expansion of the province's roll-in, roll-out (RoRo) terminal. This funding allocation represents a long-term solution to ongoing logistical issues, according to a National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) official.

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The details of the project were presented at a forum in the provincial gymnasium, an event forming part of the “Nagkakaisang Bumabangon: 2023 Pre-State of the Nation Address” (SONA) on Monday. NEDA Undersecretary Joseph J. Capuno highlighted that the plan involves the creation of an additional 14,979.28 square metres of operational area at the Matnog Port.

According to Capuno, the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) will supervise the construction of the Sorsogon RoRo terminal expansion. He reiterated the critical role ports play in the supply chain, contributing significantly to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and providing employment opportunities.

Julius A. Yano, Department of Transportation (DOTr) Assistant Secretary for the Maritime Sector, echoed the importance of the Matnog port as a strategic link connecting Luzon to Visayas and Mindanao. Governor Jose Edwin Hamor Yano noted the vital role the port plays in the transportation of goods, services, and commodities, stressing that without adequate facilities, goods from Visayas, Mindanao, and Bicol could face difficulty reaching Luzon.

The Blue Lane Program, under the Katrangkiluhan (order) Programme, has previously simplified journeys for travellers, reducing waiting times significantly even during peak periods. Governor Hamor highlighted that the provincial government had invested PHP17 million to tackle the traffic issue in Matnog, an initiative that cut waiting time for trucks from three days to merely three hours.

Hamor thanked the attendees and expressed his optimism about the national government’s plans to address long-standing issues affecting the Philippines.

Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Director General Jose Torres Jr. lauded the transformative progress arising from the Blue Lane Program, RoRo expansion, and the Bicol International Airport. These initiatives have not only enhanced the region’s appeal to investors across various scales but also created avenues for growth and prosperity.

Torres noted that the success of these projects represents a fraction of the comprehensive efforts under the Marcos administration’s commitment to progress. He expressed PIA’s commitment to the crucial task of disseminating relevant and timely information about such programmes and services, ensuring that the impact of these initiatives reaches every corner of the country.

According to Torres, the event provided a broader perspective on President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.’s upcoming State of the Nation Address. He highlighted the transformative change Region 5 has experienced under President Marcos’ leadership and acknowledged the resilience, perseverance, and determination of the people of Region 5, crediting these qualities as the driving force behind the region’s accomplishments.

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