“Paris Design Week 2024: A Colourful Showcase of Innovative Designs”

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Credit: Ecart International/SortirParis

Paris is alive with creativity as two of its most revered design fairs, Maison & Objet and Paris Déco Off, entice crowds to revel in style and innovation.

Werner Voss, a brand renowned for its whimsical and imaginative home decor, is unveiling its charming designs at Maison & Objet. Among their captivating products is a hand-painted Lady Lemon vase, exuding the energy of a Big White Lotus, alongside an exclusive collection of animal lamps and cushions. A must-see for aficionados of playful and imaginative designs.

If vintage radios are your passion, then Charlestine’s restored radios, complete with modern features like Bluetooth, are sure to capture your attention at Maison & Objet.

The La Rochelle-based design company, Bobaril, will also be showcasing their innovative furniture crafted from repurposed metal barrels, such as the Club chair that begs the question – is it as comfy as it is cool?

Marie-Lise Féry’s Magic Circus Éditions will inject a burst of colour into the event with their playful and airy lighting designs, inspired by cabarets and the circus.

For outdoor furniture and chic designs, head over to VONDOM’s exhibit to witness their collaboration with renowned designers like Jean-Marie Massaud and Fabio Novembre. Their stylish outdoor furniture is guaranteed to spark inspirational garden makeover ideas.

Meanwhile, at Paris Déco Off, Vandra Rugs will be displaying their exquisite hand-woven rugs, highlighting their dedication to respect and sustainability in craftsmanship. The workshop even predominantly employs women in both weaving and managerial roles, demonstrating a commitment to gender equality.

And let’s not overlook the oversized furniture and giant lamps displayed across various locations, adding an outdoor art vibe to the event. The Place des Petits-Pères will feature a scenography of creations by Luteca, showcasing the intricate craft of basket weaving using cactus stems and reeds.

With such a diverse array of designs and innovations on display, Paris Design Week 2024 promises to be a vibrant celebration of creativity and craftsmanship. It’s time to unleash your imagination and be inspired by the exceptional and imaginative designs on show.

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