Northern Qatar Tour

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Northern Qatar Tour

Today’s tour takes you to northern Qatar, which plays a significant role in the country’s rich culture. This part of the country is known as a historical place of Qatar, an earlier habitat of the People of Qatar, and it was famous for Pearl diving and fishing while home to boudin life.

The tour starts at Al Khor’s harbour. This place will take you on time travel, as it was the country’s centre for pearl diving & fishing in the old times.

A short distance from Al Khor is a mangrove forest, Al Thakira, Qatar’s oldest forest. A mesmerizing wonderland of salt-encrusted tree branches and pencil roots. You can also kayak along the coastline and explore the area.

Next, visit Al-Jassasiya, Qatar’s oldest Mosque and one of Qatar’s most mysterious and attractive sites. Here, petroglyphs are collections of rare and unique signs carved in stone, which are very well preserved.

While in an exploring mood, visit the Zubara fortress. A sand-coloured, four-towered fort standing lonely guard in the desert. As Qatar’s first UNESCO world heritage site, until this day, teams of archaeologists have ongoing excavations to develop and maintain its legacy.

Then continue to the traditional Qatari village with houses made of limestone & mud.

And the spot you shouldn’t miss is the country’s northernmost tip Al Ruis. Here you will learn about life and culture in Qatar before the oil boom as you absorb the sea views toward Bahrain.

This is your ultimate tour of northern Qatar, with unforgettable experiences and sights. Like, share and subscribe for more exciting times in Qatar.

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