Nigerian teens break five Guinness World Records in fast skipping

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In a remarkable display of skill and determination, three teenagers from Nigeria have set a total of five world records with their lightning-fast skipping abilities.

Gbenga Ezekiel, 18, achieved two individual records, while 16-year-olds Philip Solomon and Dunsin Dubem each contributed to this extraordinary feat.

Gbenga Ezekiel broke his record by achieving the most skips in one minute on one leg, an impressive 278 skips, surpassing his previous record of 265. He also set a new record for the most double under skips in one minute on one leg, achieving 144, beating the previous record of 132 set by India’s Himanshu Prajapati in 2021, the Guinness World Records reported.

On the same day, Philip Solomon made his mark by breaking one of Himanshu’s records for the most rope crossovers while skipping on one leg in 30 seconds, achieving an incredible 69 crossovers. Philip also equalled another record for the most rope crossovers while skipping on one leg in 30 seconds blindfolded, achieving 62. These achievements add to Philip’s already impressive collection, as he earned his first Guinness World Record title in early 2023 for performing the most skips in 30 seconds on one foot (153).

Dunsin Dubem, the third member of the talented trio, set a new record for the most double under crossovers while skipping in 30 seconds, achieving 78 and surpassing the previous record by five.


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The journey to these world records began when Gbenga, Philip, and Dunsin started skipping at the age of 14–15, under the guidance of coach Ukandu Chibuisi in the city of Akure. Their aspirations to participate in the World Jump Rope Championships were hindered by a lack of funds, leading them to focus on breaking Guinness World Records titles instead.

“We decided to focus on breaking as many Guinness World Records titles as we could,” said Philip, highlighting the impact of their coach’s advice and training.

Looking ahead, the trio plans to continue their record-breaking journey in 2024. Alongside Coach Chibuisi, they have initiated a programme called “Rope Skipping in My School” to promote the sport of skipping to students in both urban and rural communities in the West African nation, hoping to inspire a new generation of talented rope skippers and future Guinness World Records title holders.


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A video of recent record breakers

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