Myanmar junta and armed rebels agree to ceasefire

The truce would halt months of conflict that has displaced half a million people.

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FILE PHOTO: A general view shows Laukkai, the capital of Myanmar's Kokang region, September 8, 2009. REUTERS/Khin Maung Win/Pool/File Photo

Myanmar’s military and a coalition of armed ethnic minority groups have declared a ceasefire, mediated by China, following months of conflict that posed a significant threat to the junta since it took control in 2021.

The fighting, which began in October when the alliance launched an offensive against the junta, has resulted in hundreds of casualties and displaced over half a million people. The alliance has captured key towns and border hubs in Myanmar’s northern Shan state, crucial for trade with China, a major supporter of the military.

The ceasefire agreement was reached in a meeting facilitated by China in Kunming, and both sides agreed to immediate cessation, disengagement of military personnel, and resolving disputes through peaceful negotiations. The Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), a member of the alliance, mentioned reopening border trade with China. China also confirmed the ceasefire without providing details on covered areas or starting dates.

In December, Beijing had stated that it mediated talks between the Myanmar military and the allied ethnic armed groups, leading to an agreement on a “temporary ceasefire.” However, clashes persisted in parts of Shan state.


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