Multiple streaming platforms have made Nollywood content ‘king’

Ismail Akwei

Award-winning Nigerian actor Richard Mofe-Damijo, popularly known as RMD, has attributed the financial sustainability of the Nigerian movie industry to the emergence of multiple streaming platforms that have hosted the numerous content produced by Nollywood.

He explained on The Qonversation that these streaming platforms have created diverse avenues for sales which have generated a lot of revenue for content producers in Nigeria.

“Content will continue to be king because there are multiple streaming platforms for content. And what that means for the producer of content is more money. And that is why there is a lot more money coming into the industry. We have a whole lot of people we call YouTube millionaires right now in Nigeria because they are constantly creating content for their YouTube channels and they are making and earning money in foreign currencies and all of that.”

He believes Nollywood produces globally competitive films which do not get the necessary exposure in terms of advertising and support.

“I see what the numbers are or the advertising support or the campaigns for foreign films when they are being released. And I see what our films go through or the kind of support our films get when they are being released. Sometimes we don’t even get to be honoured or be dignified by being mentioned in the monthly releases that are coming up, which for me is not a healthy development. But I’m glad that this [The Black Book] has been able to break the glass ceiling.”

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