Molly Jensen: It’s a very exciting time for technology in Africa

Ismail Akwei

According to statistics by the Internet Society, Internet penetration rate in Africa was below 50% as of December 2021. Statista rates also placed Africa’s online penetration at around 68 per cent in 2022, while the number of internet users had increased to nearly 602 million, which is six times more than in 2010.

However, Molly Jensen, the CEO of Afripods, the free podcast-hosting platform for Africa, believes that the rate of the increasing usage of the Internet in Africa despite challenges signifies the readiness of Africans to take up opportunities offered by technology.

“So Africa is certainly not without its challenges, especially when it comes to the affordability of the Internet. But the data also shows it’s the fastest digital-growing continent in the world. People are adopting and using the World Wide Web in a way that hasn’t been seen across any other continent. And that leads you to understand that the real opportunity that’s left globally, whether it’s mineral resource access, data opportunity, or technology, is on this continent. And I think it’s a very exciting time for technology here,” she said in The Qonversation with Ismail Akwei.

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