Molly Jensen: African women are at the forefront of the podcasting experience

Ismail Akwei

Podcasts have been produced in Africa for over a decade. According to research by Africa Podfest, there was a steady and rapid increase in podcasting between 2017 and 2023, with South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya being the largest podcast markets in the continent.

In The Qonversation with Molly Jensen, the CEO of Afripods, the free podcast hosting platform for Africa, she stated that women have been paramount when it comes to podcasting in Africa and they have been at the forefront “to truly tell their stories and take up space”.

She cited many success stories including Kenya’s Adele Onyango who produces the Legally Clueless podcast show. “She is the first syndicated podcast, I think in the continent, or at least in the region. Legally Clueless has put her in rooms with the U.N., with the A.U., with the Bill Gates Foundation, with so many incredibly reputable organisations. She has something like 30 billboards around Nairobi right now.”

Watch The Qonversation with Molly Jensen hosted by Ismail Akwei.

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