Molly Jensen: Advertisers are looking at Africa through a different lens

Ismail Akwei

Podcasts have been produced in Africa for over a decade but revenues are lower in the continent than anywhere else in the world.

In The Qonversation with Molly Jensen, the CEO of Afripods, she highlights the challenges creators face with advertisers and offers some solutions to increasing revenues from podcasting.

“I do think that people are still trying to understand the impact of the spend on the continent. I think that people are looking at Africa through a different lens because they’re looking for disposable income when it comes to advertisers. But there are very bullish advertisers.

“And I can tell you that I’ve met with CEOs of agencies here and across the continent. I spoke at Advertising Week in South Africa. It was the inaugural Advertising Week on the continent. And advertisers are very curious as to how they can leverage this medium to make money for their brands. They have a 10% discretionary budget per year. That means that they don’t have to have the same return on investment. They can test with that money, they can explore new ideas. And podcasting is taking up a large part of the conversation, as are influencers and as are micro-influencers,” she told Ismail Akwei in The Qonversation.

Watch the intriguing episode on Qonversations.

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