Microsoft is introducing a new Copilot key for Windows keyboards

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Microsoft has made a change to the Windows PC keyboard for the first time in 30 years.

A new addition to computers is the “Copilot key,” located next to the alt key and left arrow key. This key provides access to Microsoft’s artificial intelligence tools.

Windows Copilot is designed to lend a hand with challenging or tedious assignments like drafting extensive emails or creating an AI-generated stock image for a presentation. It has been aptly named “copilot” as it aims to support the user in these tasks while still leaving them ultimately in charge.

The latest key is the initial modification to the PC keyboard since the debut of the Windows key back in 1994, which is primarily utilized to access the start menu. However, many users tend to alter its function or combine it with other keys for added options.

Most keyboards are compatible with Windows PCs so Microsoft’s modifications to Windows and their own hardware keyboards have frequently sparked widespread and immediate changes in the market, as seen with the Windows key.

According to the announcement, the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show will showcase a range of new computers featuring the Copilot key. The highly anticipated keyboard will be made available from late February through Spring, with plans for it to be included on upcoming Surface devices.

In an announcement, Microsoft stated that the recent update marked a significant milestone in their ongoing relationship with Windows. They also implied that the addition of the Copilot key symbolized the start of the “AI PC” era.

Microsoft mentioned other projects that involve utilizing machine learning in software features, as well as collaborations with silicon companies to enhance the performance of chips for artificial intelligence tasks.

Although Copilot is not yet universally available, pressing the button will not open it if a computer is unable to access it. Instead, it will direct you to Windows Search.

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