Microsoft is adding AI to the Notepad app

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According to recent reports, Microsoft is set to introduce a major AI update for Windows in 2024. This update will bring deeper AI integration across the operating system, including the popular Notepad app.

Screenshots reveal a hidden menu in the latest Notepad app, featuring a new feature called “Cowriter.” Cowriter utilizes AI to rewrite text, adjust its length, change the tone, and modify the formatting of text within Notepad text files.

Although the AI features are not yet functional, this discovery suggests that Microsoft has plans to integrate AI into the Notepad app on Windows 11 in the near future. Similar to the addition of AI to Paint, Cowriter will likely require users to log into their Microsoft accounts and utilize an online service.

The hidden menu in the Notepad build also includes a hero image, providing a glimpse of what the Cowriter interface will look like. This indicates that Microsoft is approaching an official announcement for this feature. Notepad has received significant attention from Microsoft since the release of Windows 11, with updates to its interface, the introduction of tabs, dark mode, and more.

Microsoft is currently working on its next major Windows update, codenamed Hudson Valley. This update will primarily focus on next-generation AI features, such as an AI-powered Windows Search and a user history/timeline feature that simplifies finding previously opened apps, files, and webpages. Additionally, Microsoft is developing a Super Resolution feature that leverages AI to enhance the resolution of video games.

Last week, Microsoft declared that 2024 would mark the era of the AI PC and announced that upcoming Windows PCs will come equipped with a dedicated Copilot button on the keyboard. After a year of implementing AI in Office and other online services, Microsoft is just beginning to incorporate AI into Windows and is set to make significant strides in this field.

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