Meta Quest 3: Mark Zuckerberg unveils the future of virtual and mixed reality

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Mark Zuckerberg has just unveiled the future of the virtual and mixed reality ecosystem with the announcement of the next-generation Meta Quest 3 headset. Scheduled for launch later this year, this revolutionary device boasts a higher resolution, powerful performance, cutting-edge Meta Reality technology, and an enhanced, more comfortable form factor.

Upon release, the Meta Quest 3 will be available in all countries currently supported by Meta Quest, with a planned rollout this autumn. The headset, with a base model that boasts 128GB of storage, is priced starting at $499.99 USD. For those requiring additional space, an alternative storage option will also be made available.

Meta Quest 3 serves as an all-in-one wireless headset, providing enthusiasts with the powerhouse device they’ve long been anticipating. Register now to be the first to learn about the Meta Quest 3 and its full capabilities.

Meta Quest 3: The Most Powerful Headset Yet

Meta Quest 3 features the company’s highest resolution display to date, combined with state-of-the-art pancake optics to deliver content in unprecedented quality. Powering this enhanced visual experience is the next-generation Snapdragon chipset, developed in partnership with Qualcomm Technologies. This groundbreaking chipset offers more than double the graphical performance of the Snapdragon GPU featured in Quest 2, ensuring smoother operation and sharper details in immersive gaming experiences.

Blending Physical and Virtual Reality

Meta’s best-in-class Meta Reality technology comes as a key feature in Quest 3. This technology intelligently blends the physical and virtual worlds, creating experiences that transcend traditional mixed reality. High-fidelity colour Passthrough, advanced machine learning, and spatial understanding allow simultaneous interaction with virtual content and the physical world, opening up endless exploration possibilities. Now, users can enjoy a virtual board game on their kitchen table, or bring art to life in their living room, courtesy of the innovative Painting VR.

This groundbreaking technology makes Meta Reality accessible to a wider audience at a lower price point, transforming Quest 3 into the first mass-market device to deliver both cutting-edge VR and MR experiences.

Comfort and Control Reimagined

Quest 3 offers a sleeker, more comfortable design, with its optic profile being 40% slimmer compared to Quest 2. Its Touch Plus controllers have been completely redesigned, offering a streamlined and ergonomic form. Further enhancements include TruTouch haptics, and Direct Touch, which allows users to interact with virtual objects using just their hands. Hand tracking is supported right out of the box, a testament to Meta’s advances in tracking technology.

World’s Best Library of Immersive Content

The Meta Quest 3 is compatible with over 500 VR games, apps, and experiences from the Quest 2 catalogue, with more exciting VR and MR titles planned for launch. This compatibility means that the Quest 3 will provide access to the world’s best library of immersive experiences from day one.

To fully grasp what the Meta Quest 3 has to offer, be sure to attend the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, where you can get a sneak peek at Quest 3’s flagship AAA adventure.

Zuckerberg has given us a date to pencil in our diaries – September 27, when more about Meta Quest 3 will be shared at the returning Meta Connect. As we count down to this exciting date, the future of virtual and mixed reality has never looked brighter.


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