Max Verstappen close to win his 3rd title in Qatar

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Formula One F1 - Qatar Grand Prix - Lusail International Circuit, Lusail, Qatar - October 6, 2023 FIA president Mohammed ben Sulayem with Red Bull's Max Verstappen who finished qualifying in pole position REUTERS/Hamad I Mohammed

Max Verstappen has openly stated that he doesn’t concern himself with when and where he secures the Formula 1 title because he knows he will win it regardless. However, Formula 1 calculations indicate that he is likely to clinch the championship today in Qatar.

Max Verstappen has been exceptionally dominant this season, winning 13 out of the 16 Grand Prix races so far, which has allowed him to accumulate the maximum possible points in the Drivers’ Standings, currently totalling 400 points. He enjoys a comfortable lead of 177 points over his teammate, Sergio Perez.

To secure the 2023 F1 drivers’ title, Max Verstappen only needs to finish in the top six during the sprint race at the Qatar Grand Prix. Verstappen’s dominance throughout the season includes winning two out of three sprint races. He most recently secured a victory in Japan, although he experienced an unusual dip in performance in Singapore, failing to reach the podium for the first time in 2023.

As Max will be in pole position for today’s sprint race, a 100km dash at the Lusail International Circuit in Qatar, the probability of him becoming world champion is very high. Verstappen only needs to finish sixth or higher in this race, irrespective of where Sergio Perez finishes, to secure his third consecutive world title. In an unlikely scenario, a seventh-place finish would suffice if Perez comes in second, and eighth place would also guarantee the title if Perez finishes third.

Furthermore, it’s possible for Verstappen to clinch the world title without earning any points. If Perez finishes fourth or lower in the sprint race, Verstappen will be declared the champion, regardless of his own finishing position. Ultimately, if Verstappen maintains a points advantage of 146 points or more after the Qatar Grand Prix, he will leave Qatar as the champion.

Regarding the timings for the Qatar Grand Prix, the race weekend for the 2023 takes place from Friday, October 6th, to Sunday, October 8th, with main Grand Prix event scheduled tomorrow.

Max Verstappen secured pole position during a challenging qualifying session yesterday, positioning himself to potentially become a triple world champion. Lewis Hamilton initially held second place but dropped to fourth in the final moments, subsequently rising to third when laps of two McLarens were invalidated due to track limit violations.

The qualifying session saw several drivers struggle with strict track limits in difficult conditions characterized by gusty winds blowing sand and dust across the newly resurfaced Lusail International Circuit.

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