List of areas in which foreigners can invest in real estate in Qatar

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Foreigners in Qatar can now purchase property in 16 areas across Qatar, the Ministry of Justice confirmed. The government loosened the restrictions on foreigners purchasing real estate in a bid to expand and diversify the real estate market. Non-Qataris are able to buy homes and properties in specific areas and invest in both residential and commercial real estate.

Towards the end of 2020, Qatar announced new rules to incentivize more foreigners to invest in real estate. According to Cabinet Resolution 28, non-Qataris were thereon permitted to invest in more freehold and leasehold properties in the country.

Non-Qataris were already permitted to own property in 9 locations on a freehold basis, and have since been invited to invest in real estate in an additional 16 locations on a 99-year lease basis.

The Freehold Ownership Zones are: West Bay Lagoon, The Pearl Qatar, Al Khor Resort, Rawdat Al Jahaniyah, Al Qassar, Al Dafna, Onaiza, Al Wasail, Al Kharij, Jabal Theyleeb.

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The sixteen areas include: Mshereib (13), Fereej Abdul Aziz (14), Al Doha Aljadeeda (15), Old Al Ghanim (16), Al Rufaa and Old Al Hitmi (17), Al Salata (18), Fereej Bin Mahmoud (22), Fereej Bin Mahmoud (23), Rawdat Al Khail (24), Al Mansoura and Fereej Bin Durham (25), Najma (26), Um Ghuwailina (27), Al Khulaifat (28), Al Sadd (38), Al Mirqab Al Jadeed and Fereej Al Nasr (39), and the Doha International Airport Area (48).

According to Doha News, foreigners who buy a property in Qatar for at least QAR 1 million can apply for residency rights, which include free health care and free education.

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