“La vie en rose” recreated with AI

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More than six decades after her passing, the iconic French singer Edith Piaf is set to be brought back to life in a new biopic that utilizes artificial intelligence to recreate both her voice and image.

Warner Music Group has announced a collaboration with the company which handles Piaf’s legacy for a 90-minute film named “Edith,” which will unfold in Paris and New York spanning the 1920s to the ’60s. Referred to as the “Sparrow of Paris,” Piaf passed away on October 10, 1963. The movie will feature an AI-generated emulation of Piaf’s voice as its narrator, promising to reveal previously unknown facets of her life.

In unveiling the project, the music company stated, “Animation will offer a contemporary perspective on her narrative, while the incorporation of archival footage, live performances, personal recordings, and television interviews will present audiences with an authentic portrayal of pivotal moments in Piaf’s life.”

According to Warner Music, AI technology, trained on hundreds of Piaf’s voice clips and images, some of which date back over 80 years, will enable the revival of her distinct voice and image, enhancing the authenticity and emotional resonance of her story. The film will incorporate recordings of her original songs, including iconic hits like “La Vie en rose” and “Non, je ne regrette rien.”

“Edith” originates from an original concept by Julie Veille and Gilles Marliac. The duo, along with Warner Music Entertainment president Charlie Cohen, are actively involved in bringing both the script and AI technology to fruition for the feature-length film. The script writers underscored their privilege to work alongside Edith’s estate to help bring her story into the 21st century, adding that the goal is to leverage advancements in animation and technology to share Piaf’s timeless narrative with audiences of all ages.

Piaf has been the subject of various documentaries and films, notably the 2007 production “La Vie en Rose,” featuring Marion Cotillard in an Academy Award-winning portrayal of the French songstress.

Even if AI has already been used to alter or modify the image of some characters in movies, “Edith” will be the first film in which a main character’s voice will be completely recreated with the help of AI.


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