It’s a mistake to allow oil companies to take over renewable energy sector

Ismail Akwei

Technical solutions expert and chief technical officer of SkyFi Energy, David Svarrer, has described the apparent takeover of the renewable energy sector by oil companies as a mistake.

He said in an interview on The Qonversation that allowing the oil companies to control the sector means they will “milk” the world as they’ve done in the last century.

“I think some of the very big errors which have been committed on a very serious note is that these oil companies are taking over the renewable sector, which they’re very keen on because they would like to continue milking the populations all over the world. And they’ve done that for almost a century and they want to continue to do so,” he told Ismail Akwei.

“…You’ll see that for instance in Europe, we have cartels; all these energy suppliers who supply electricity and they let the prices go up and down and up and down as they deem fit. You saw that in the winter 2022, the winter 2021, and we are going to see that this winter again,” he added.

David Svarrer, however, acknowledged the progress made in the clean energy transition globally while bemoaning an alleged distraction by big players in the fossil fuel market.

He said that even though there is a global conversation with commitments being made, only a few of the big corporations are interested in transitioning from fossil fuel production to renewable energy.

“We are on track, that’s correct to say. We are also being detracted because those selling fossil fuels, not all of them are actually interested in taking the mantle to actually change over from their fossil fuel production to renewable,” he said.

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