InterNations’ Expat Essentials Index: Top and Bottom Destinations for Expats

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Living abroad can be a daunting experience, particularly when it comes to navigating bureaucracy, finding a place to live, adapting to the local language, and getting your digital life in order. To assist expats in making informed choices about where to live, InterNations has released its Expat Essentials Index, which ranks the top and bottom destinations worldwide for dealing with these critical aspects of life abroad.

According to the index, Bahrain is the easiest destination for expats to begin their life overseas, followed by the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. All three countries offer straightforward communication due to the lack of a language barrier and minimal red tape. Other countries that make it simple for expats include Estonia, Oman, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kenya, and Canada.

Conversely, the countries that are most challenging for expats to get started in include Germany, Japan, China, Kuwait, Italy, Greece, Vietnam, Czechia, France, and Malta. Expats in these countries struggle with the local language and a lack of modern digitalisation.

Qatar ranks 8th in the Expat Essentials Index overall, making it an excellent destination for expats. When it comes to language, 79% of expats find it easy to live in the Gulf State without speaking Arabic, compared to 51% globally. Furthermore, the percentage of expats who find it challenging to live abroad due to not speaking the local language is four times lower in Qatar (8%) than the global average (32%). Almost everyone speaks English, making it easier for expats to adjust.

In addition, half of expats (50%) find it easy to deal with the local authorities in Qatar, compared to 40% globally. In terms of housing, 64% of expats find it easy to find a place to live in Qatar, compared to 54% globally. However, in the digital life subcategory, Qatar ranks 17th, with only 91% of expats saying it is easy to pay without cash, and 81% finding it easy to access government services online. While the country’s unrestricted access to online services is ranked 46th out of 52 countries, the availability of services online is still seen as an advantage.

The Expat Essentials Index by InterNations is an essential tool for expats who are considering relocating to a new country. The index takes into account some of the most critical factors that impact the process of starting a new life abroad, including housing, language, digital life, and admin topics. By ranking the top and bottom destinations worldwide based on these factors, the index can help expats make an informed decision about where to relocate. Whether you’re looking for a country with easy access to digital services, a low language barrier, or minimal bureaucratic issues, the Expat Essentials Index provides valuable insights to assist you in your decision-making process.

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