India supplies 1.8 million tonnes of wheat to 18 nations amid global food crisis

India has received commendation from the United Nations Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) for its efforts in promoting millets and supplying 1.8 million tonnes of wheat to 18 nations affected by food shortages caused by the Ukraine war.

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The director of IFAD, Alvaro Lario, praised India’s G20 leadership and its alignment with the goals of the UN organization during a meeting in India of G20 agriculture ministers, acknowledging that India’s agricultural knowledge could assist other countries in the Global South with their rural and agricultural development.

He also recognized India’s emphasis on millets, highlighting their importance for farmers in adapting to climate change and ensuring nutrition in impoverished areas.

The IFAD, a specialized agency of the UN, has been dedicated to supporting poverty-stricken and vulnerable countries in their fight against hunger and food insecurity.

India’s focus on millets and its provision of wheat to nations experiencing acute food shortages were lauded as examples of thoughtful leadership and South-South cooperation.

In the face of global conflicts, economic shocks, climate extremes, and escalating fertilizer prices, the world has witnessed an unprecedented food crisis, with approximately 828 million people uncertain about their next meal, according to the UN.

To address food security domestically, India implemented the National Food Security Act, which guarantees subsidized food grains for the poorest households under various welfare schemes. The act covers a significant proportion of the rural and urban population to ensure the welfare of vulnerable and needy sections of society.

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