I don’t believe CO2 is the cause of climate change – David Svarrer

Ismail Akwei

Technical solutions expert and chief technical officer of SkyFi Energy, David Svarrer, says carbon emissions have been over-exaggerated when it comes to the causes of climate change. 

He said in an interview on The Qonversation that the cutting of trees is the main cause that has resulted in desertification. His solution is the planting of trees everywhere to avert the effects of climate change globally.

“CO2, in my view, is not the cause of climate change. What is the cause of climate change is the completely over-exaggerated harvest of trees. We have harvested more than 3 trillion trees since 1850 and a lot of desertification has been caused by the same. 

“We strongly believe that planting of trees everywhere can solve the problem…This is hypothetical, but let’s just take the size of the Sahara. If we planted the area of the Sahara with trees, that would solve the entire crisis as we speak. And here we are talking about the increase in hurricanes. We are talking about a reduction in El Nino phenomenon. We are talking about a lot of these effects we’re seeing right now that would either come to a standstill or to a reverse,” he told Ismail Akwei.

“I think it’s important to not only listen to the climate sayers who say, CO2 is bad. We also have to listen to some of the other reasons. There are many other reasons which we need to get into. The reason why we are focused on trees is just one; if we plant these trees, then these trees will consume the CO2. So we actually solved two problems in one. And then of course I would never be able then to prove that it was not the CO2. I actually don’t care about that. I don’t care about being right or not right. If I find out I’m wrong, I will publish it publicly,” he added.

Watch his explanation in this episode of The Qonversation hosted by Ismail Akwei.

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