Hotels – Raffles Doha gets a glowing review by the Robb Report

Hotels - Raffles Doha gets a glowing review by the Robb Report

The Robb Report recently reviewed the new hotel Raffles Doha in Qatar’s capital summing up the experience as “Middle Eastern Magic”. Giving it their highest rating, the review suggested that one could live there, let alone stay a week.

Based out of the crescent-shaped Katara Towers, Doha’s newest iconic architectural landmark, built to represent the crossed scimitars of the Qatari national coat of arms, Raffles’ reputation for old-school luxury hospitality is given a very modern home.

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An all-suite hotel, Raffles Doha’s 132 suites, designed by Marcel Wanders are fanciful and chic decked out with vaulted ceilings and arched windows that look out to the waters of Lusail Marina and a walk-in mirrored maxi-bar, better stocked than you could imagine and your own butler, or two.

For all out opulence, some suites span an entire floor, or two, decked with indoor swimming pool, hamam and home cinema, or cigar room.

Book a cabana – all the rage worldwide – by the 180-foot infinity pool and in June Raffles Doha will inaugurate a floating platform dubbed the island club Privée.

Perhaps most noteworthy of all is the Blue Cigar lobby bar where you can read from a collection of 6,500 vintage books lining the walls to be read while sipping literary-themed cocktails.

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