Harvard Scientists have developed a new battery that charges in minutes

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A team of scientists from Harvard University’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) has developed a new battery that could revolutionize the electric car and smartphone industries. The researchers claim that their solid-state cell can be charged in minutes and has a longer lifespan compared to current battery technologies.

The holy grail of batteries has always been the lithium metal anode battery, as it has the potential to increase the driving distance of electric vehicles by up to ten times. However, the use of lithium metal anodes has been hindered by instability issues, particularly during the charging process, which can lead to shorting or even fires.

To overcome this problem, the team at SEAS incorporated micron-sized silicon particles into the battery’s anode. This design allows the lithium metal to wrap around the silicon particle, providing stability and preventing shorting or fires. The researchers were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of their design by testing a postage stamp-sized version of the battery, which retained 80% of its capacity after 6,000 cycles. This outperforms other solid-state batteries currently available on the market.

The research team has licensed the technology through a Harvard spinoff company called Adden Energy, with the aim of commercializing the battery. This development could have significant implications for the electric car and smartphone industries, as it could increase the range and capacity of these devices while simultaneously reducing the time required for charging.

The findings of this research were published in the scientific journal Nature Materials under the title “Fast cycling of lithium metal in solid-state batteries by constriction-susceptible anode materials”. The team’s work represents an important step towards the practical application of solid-state batteries in industrial and commercial settings.

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