Google’s patent application reveals plans for enhanced airplane mode on Android devices

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Google is reportedly in the development phase of an advanced and more intuitive version of ‘airplane mode’ for devices. Details are emerging from a recently applied patent that Google is experimenting with a new “Connected Flight Mode”, a game-changing feature that intends to automate the transition of a device into airplane mode.

The patent application explains that this innovative technology will have the ability to autonomously detect when a device user is on board an aircraft. The “connected flight mode” then kicks in, modifying the wireless connections of the device, be it a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

One intriguing aspect of this new flight mode is its ability to support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. Currently, the standard airplane mode on devices turns off these connections, along with the cellular link. The Google patent reveals that its nascent technology will also configure its Wi-Fi settings to align with the specific type of connection acceptable on aircraft.

Nevertheless, Google seems to have taken energy efficiency into account. The connected flight mode will disconnect a device when required to save battery life. Factors such as connection quality might influence this action. The technology will also suspend automatic backups, background app refreshes, and updates when the flight mode is activated.

Further details in the patent shed light on the mechanism of this autonomous flight mode. It states that the mobile computing device switches to flight mode “in response to having determined that the sensor has detected information indicating that the mobile computing device is located on the airplane.” This determination may rely on certain ‘triggers’ such as a drop in pressure, ultrasonic signals, the aircraft’s Wi-Fi signal, and a user’s travel booking activity.

This intuitive technology won’t just detect take-off but landing as well. Once the triggers indicating air travel are no longer present, the device will revert to its regular settings, restoring all connections and usual app behaviour.

Currently, this innovative technology is only part of Google’s patent application, and there is no concrete information regarding its actual development or release. If Google decides to push through with this new “flight mode” technology for Android devices, it could prove incredibly useful, especially for those who tend to forget to put their phones in airplane mode while in flight.

Google’s new “Connected Flight Mode” could potentially revolutionize the user experience during air travel, providing a seamless transition between ground and air, all while maintaining essential connections and preserving battery life. We eagerly anticipate further news and development in this promising technological field.

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