Google expands ‘Help me write’ Feature in Gmail for Android and iOS users

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“Help me write”, a Gmail-designed feature that utilises artificial intelligence (AI), to aid users in drafting their messages is now more widely available to the enrolled testers on both Android and iOS platforms.

When users click on the “Help me write” button, they can ask Gmail to write new drafts. For instance, Gmail can be tasked to draft a birthday invitation or an introductory letter to a potential business acquaintance.

The feature can also improve the quality of a pre-existing draft by rephrasing it or tailoring its tone to be more formal, more concise, or more detailed.

Similar to its counterpart in the desktop app, users will first encounter an introductory prompt for the generative AI. Following this, a “Help me write” button will materialise in the bottom-right corner. Upon tapping, users can insert their prompts. As the AI gets to work, the “Create” button will feature a pulsating blue/purple wave. Users then have the option to generate a new response, review it, and provide feedback before integrating it into their work.

Once the initial text is entered into the compose feed, users can tap the button again to “Refine” their message. Several options are available: “Formalise”, “Elaborate”, “Shorten”, “I’m Feeling Lucky”, and “Write a draft”. The generation of a new response will take a few additional seconds, indicated by the pulsating icon.

This newly refined text can then “Replace” the existing text in the message.

As of the latest reports, Gmail’s “Help me write” feature is being progressively rolled out to users participating in the Workspace Labs program on Android and iOS. However, as of this time, this feature is yet to make an appearance on the Google Docs mobile apps.

The wide availability of the “Help me write” tool in Gmail marks an important step in Google’s ongoing journey towards integrating artificial intelligence into its services to facilitate and enhance the user experience.

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