Google Cloud and Qatar Airways join forces to enhance customer experiences through AI and data analytics

Qatar Airways and Google Cloud have announced their intent to collaborate, aiming to revolutionise the customer experience for passengers. By employing Google Cloud's artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and data analytics, the airline intends to create superior, personalised offerings for its passengers

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In 2022, Qatar Airways transported 18.5 million passengers to 150 destinations worldwide. This vast passenger volume generated a wealth of both structured and unstructured data for the airline’s digital transformation unit. By leveraging Google’s AI, machine learning (ML) solutions, and data analytics, including BigQuery and Vertex AI, the proposed collaboration aims to extract deeper insights from Qatar Airways’ customer data. Consequently, this partnership is set to empower the airline to heighten passengers’ travel experiences by tailoring offerings to individual needs, travel trends, and past travel history.

Mr A.T. Srinivasan, the Chief Information Officer of Qatar Airways, praised the prospective collaboration, stating that “Google Cloud brings us the opportunity to build elasticity and scalability on demand, as we increasingly look to leverage both structured and unstructured data to personalise customer and employee experience.” He further emphasised the benefits that Google’s diverse Cloud service offerings could bring to optimising airline and airport operations, in areas such as aircraft inventory and flight operations both on the ground and in the air.

Moreover, Srinivasan expressed optimism about the long-term partnership, noting the potential to experiment with Google Cloud’s cutting-edge technology. The local presence of a Cloud in Qatar reassured him about data residency, allowing the airline to concentrate on data and AI/ML led innovation without worrying about where the data is stored.

Ghassan Kosta, Qatar Country Manager at Google Cloud, echoed this sentiment: “Businesses today can make smart decisions in real time and provide personalised experiences to their customers through AI and machine learning tools. Qatar Airways is not only an airline that takes passengers from point A to point B, but also it is a manifestation of Qatari hospitality.” He added that Google Cloud can enable Qatar Airways to provide passengers with elevated travel experiences, including personalised travel recommendations and suggestions akin to having a dedicated travel agent who understands their specific needs and requirements.

Sustainability, being at the heart of the airline’s digital transformation roadmap, also features prominently in this collaboration with Qatar Airways and Google Cloud planning to explore further areas of collaboration, such as using cloud tools to optimise costs, streamline operations, and more. Qatar Airways aims to utilise Google Cloud, reputed as the cleanest cloud in the industry, to roll out new programmes that will help the airline meet its sustainability goals by 2030.

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