Full interview with Prof. Salim Mokaddem

Salim Mokaddem is a professor, lecturer at the university of Montpellier, philosopher by vocation and passion, advisor, and a famous author, also of the children’s philosophy book “Socrates in Love”.


Special advisor on education to the President of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum, Professor Salim Mokaddem and President Bazoum met as philosophy professors teaching alongside each other at the beginning of their professional careers in Niger.


During The Qonversation, Mokaddem spoke of the conditions in which President Bazoum and his family have been detained since the attempted coup of July 26, why President Bazoum cannot sign his resignation papers, and what the withdrawal of French troops might mean for Niger. Mokaddem spoke of the Bazoum administration’s educational programme, of how education and security are intrinsically linked in the Sahel in particular, and how philosophy and the State are essential for a harmonious and developed society.

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