Full interview with Laura Ayerza de Castilho

Eleanor Sa-Carneiro

Laura Ayerza de Castilho is the guest on The Qonversation hosted by Eleanor Sá-Carneiro. A former foreign correspondent, Laura worked at the Argentinian embassy in London, and was a member of the Argentinian delegation at UNESCO and worked in the foreign service of Argentina’s ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is impassioned by politics, particularly those of her country, and talks us through the elections that took place in Argentina on Sunday October 22 where she worked tirelessly as a controller. Laura confesses to being shocked that Sergio Massa and Javier Milei made it through to the second round of elections, discusses Kirchnerism, populism on both sides of the political fence, fraud and Argentina recently joining the BRICS. Watch Laura Ayerza de Castilho on The Qonversation.

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