Full interview with Ashley Parasram

Eleanor Sa-Carneiro

In The Qonversation hosted by Eleanor Sá-Carneiro, Ashley Parasram, head of the Trinidad and Tobago Fine Cocoa Company, focuses on reviving Trinidad and Tobago’s cocoa industry. Once a major global contributor, the country’s production has dwindled to around 400 tonnes due to the dominance of the oil and gas sector. Parasram emphasized the importance of diversifying the economy back to its traditional roots.

Ashley Parasram explored global cocoa dynamics on Qonversations, with Parasram highlighting the potential of the Caribbean region, particularly Trinidad and Tobago, in the fine flavour cocoa market. He discussed recent cocoa shortages in Europe and the complex factors driving the surge in chocolate prices, including climate conditions and increasing demand.

Parasram also delved into the significance of intellectual property (IP) in the cocoa industry, emphasizing the need to protect unique products and experiences, concluding with insights into the Trinidad and Tobago Fine Cocoa Company’s venture into the Chinese market, where Parasram sees exciting possibilities for their premium cocoa product.

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