France’s Macron has named close ally Attal new PM

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In a groundbreaking development, French President Emmanuel Macron’s vision for a revitalized second term took a definitive step forward as the appointment of a new prime minister was confirmed. This strategic move is aimed at injecting new energy into his administration ahead of the European Parliament elections.

The confirmation of Gabriel Attal as the new prime minister marks a historic moment, as the 34-year-old becomes the youngest individual to hold the position in France and the first openly gay person to do so. A trusted ally of Macron, Attal gained prominence as the government spokesman during the COVID pandemic and demonstrated his effectiveness as the education minister.

Facing the challenges of a more tumultuous parliament following the loss of the absolute majority in 2022, Macron’s decision to replace Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne underscores a commitment to charting a new course, leaving behind the controversies of the previous year, particularly around pension and immigration reforms.

Attal’s role as the newly appointed prime minister includes the crucial task of bolstering Macron’s centrist party’s standing in the upcoming June EU elections. Recent opinion polls have shown the party trailing far-right leader Marine Le Pen by eight to ten percentage points.

The appointment of Attal has garnered positive responses, with pollster Jerome Fourquet stating, “If it is indeed Gabriel Attal, it was the best card the president could play,” emphasizing Attal’s popularity and effectiveness.

As the youngest prime minister in French history and the first openly gay individual in the role, Attal’s confirmation signals not only a shift in leadership but also a symbolic moment for inclusivity and diversity in French politics. While opposition leaders express skepticism about the potential impact of the change, Macron’s strategic move reflects his commitment to reshaping and rejuvenating his leadership for the challenges ahead.

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