FIFA announces #WeAre26 branding for 2026 World Cup

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FIFA has revealed its branding for the 2026 World Cup, set to happen in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The branding is named #WeAre26, in honour of the year and size of the event.

The central part of the branding is the World Cup’s iconic trophy, which features in the simple design of the World Cup logo. The trophy stands out on the logo, with the year “26” forming a backdrop.

FIFA’s new logo, typeface and colours will be used to sell the tournament in the run-up to the event. Commercial partners like Adidas and Coca-Cola will also use these in their advertising.

The #WeAre26 branding is all about the year 2026, marking the biggest World Cup so far. Sixteen cities in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada will host 104 matches.

The branding comes in multiple languages (#WeAre26, #OnEst26, #Somos26) to reflect the different cultures in the host countries. Each of the 16 host cities also has its own unique logo, inspired by its local landscape, culture, and heritage. The creative team worked with the cities to create logos and colour schemes that tell a story about each city.

Although several agencies and creatives were involved, FIFA‘s in-house design team directed and led the campaign.

The branding was officially unveiled in Los Angeles, one of the host cities. FOX Sports and Telemundo Deportes, who hold the official U.S. broadcast rights for the FIFA World Cup in English and Spanish, both broadcast the unveiling at the same time.

The 2026 World Cup, officially known as FIFA World Cup North America 2026, will be the first to feature 48 teams. The tournament will run from June 11 to July 19.

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