Exploring the Middle East: Saudi Arabia’s Winter Festival Attracts 30,000 visitors

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Al-Majaridah Winter Festival offers a diverse range of activities. (SPA)

If you have ever thought of an unforgettable getaway in the Middle East, do not relent and go for it. The 2023 Winter Festival in Saudi Arabia will put your racing mind at rest. You can have all the fun you have thought of having in Europe or the Americas.

During the Al-Majaridah Winter Festival which was observed for two weeks in Saudi Arabia, over 30,000 people were pulled to the tourism festival’s space.

Orgasnisers of the maiden edition of the Al-Majaridah tourism festival provided a range of activities, including shopping and entertainment. Providing dozens of seasonal jobs for able young men and women.

Notable in the festival are also the theatrical shows and competitions for children. The celebrations further oversaw a honey festival that had 41 exhibitors, including honey producers and beekeepers participate.

Taking part in the Al-Majaridah Winter Tourism Festival were some Saudi Arabian government authorities and figures who joined with their families.

To showcase the cultural richness and heritage of Saudi Arabians, the Al-Majaridah Governorate was the best destination for the winter festival. The region boasts of a warm climate and spectacular nature.

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