Evo Morales announced his candidacy for 2025 Bolivian presidential elections

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File photo of Bolivia's former president Evo Morales in New York.

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales announced on Sunday, through a message on the social media platform X, that he intends to participate in Bolivia’s 2025 elections. He mentioned feeling compelled to do so due to the attacks directed at him.

This declaration underscores a growing divide between Morales, a prominent figure in Latin America’s leftist politics, and Bolivia’s current President, Luis Arce, who was once his economic minister and is now his rival within the ruling MAS party.

Morales, an Indigenous leader with a background as a cocoa farmer, held the presidency in Bolivia for almost 14 years. His departure in November 2019 was clouded by controversy, stemming from his attempt to run for an unprecedented fourth term in an election tainted by allegations of fraud. Morales left the country and asserted that he had been the target of a right-wing coup with backing from the United States.

Following an interim government that lasted 11 months, Luis Arce achieved a resounding victory in the October 2020 election, ultimately allowing Morales to return to Bolivia.

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