Estonians able to vote via phone from 2024

Vote scaled

Starting next year, Estonian voters will have the option to cast their votes using a mobile phone application.

The draft law, approved by the government in Tallinn last week, is set to undergo parliamentary discussions. Expressing optimism, the Minister of Economy and Information Technology anticipates the application’s use in the 2024 European Parliament elections that will take place in June.

The Estonian parliament hopes that this new voting method will be available by June, with dedicated applications designed for common operating systems under development by the Electoral Commission.

The Estonian Government also stressed the importance of technological neutrality to ensure the use of widely available and secure technologies, asserting that mobile phone voting will be as secure as electronic or traditional paper ballots.

Estonia made history as the first country to introduce online voting in 2005. Despite its success in the country’s parliamentary elections, digital voting remains controversial internationally due to concerns about reliability in many countries.

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