Environment Minister Launches “Environmental Pioneers” Initiative in Qatar

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Climate change and Global warming

Qatar’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Sheikh Faleh bin Nasser bin Ahmed bin Ali Al-Thani, has officially launched the “Environmental Pioneers” initiative. This innovative programme seeks to engage both individuals and institutions in addressing climate change challenges and conserving Qatar’s natural environment and biodiversity.

The Minister encouraged citizens and residents who are passionate about preserving the local environment to join the initiative, which he will personally oversee. He highlighted how the “Environmental Pioneers” initiative will support those involved in environmental affairs and motivate them to continue their efforts in safeguarding Qatar’s natural surroundings.

The launch featured the introduction of a dedicated electronic service on the Ministry’s official website. This service provides an overview of the initiative, profiles of environmental pioneers in Qatar, and showcases their initiatives that tackle environmental issues in the country.

The “Environmental Pioneers” initiative aims to enhance Qatar’s environmental conditions, promote collaborative action on environmental issues, raise awareness about sustainability and climate change challenges, and recognise and support the contributions of individuals and institutions in the field of environment and climate change. Additionally, the initiative strives to encourage community participation in combatting climate change and boost societal contributions towards achieving the environmental development goals outlined in Qatar National Vision 2030.

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