Enterprise content creation platform Typeface raises $100M in Series B funding round

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Enterprise content creation platform, Typeface, announced the successful completion of a Series B funding round, raising $100 million and marking a significant step in its ambitious growth plans. The funding round was oversubscribed, emphasising the confidence investors have in Typeface’s groundbreaking platform. Salesforce Ventures led the investment, with considerable contributions from other high-profile investors such as Lightspeed Venture Partners, Madrona, GV (Google Ventures), Menlo Ventures, and M12 (Microsoft’s Venture Fund). Following this recent round, Typeface’s total capital raised now stands at $165 million, positioning the company at an impressive $1 billion valuation.

This new funding fuels Typeface’s mission to revolutionise personalised content creation for enterprises globally. The platform leverages the transformative power of generative AI to empower enterprises to produce high-quality, personalised, and on-brand content. Abhay Parasnis, Founder and CEO at Typeface, stresses the uniqueness of the platform, stating that their combination of generative AI and brand-specialised knowledge effectively eliminates the barriers preventing enterprises from fully harnessing the power of generative AI.

Salesforce’s Chief Corporate Development and Investment Officer, John Somorjai, who participated in the funding round, lauded Typeface’s focus on brand personalisation, IP ownership, and seamless workflow integration, declaring Typeface as a best-in-class enterprise generative AI.

Launched publicly in February 2023, Typeface has experienced a rapid surge in customer adoption and product innovation, winning the trust of diverse businesses, from digital-native brands to Fortune 500 companies. The platform caters to a variety of departments, including marketing, sales, product, and HR. David Kang, SVP Digital Commerce & Marketing Solutions at LG Electronics, commended Typeface for its ability to generate thousands of on-brand images that have helped streamline their content factory initiative while providing a unified brand representation across various business units.

In addition to its ongoing innovation, Typeface recently introduced new features to its platform, such as an advanced Image Studio for high-resolution product photography, video-to-text conversion, and selective image editing and regeneration, further underscoring its commitment to driving growth in the sector.

Continuing its growth trajectory, Typeface has also formed new strategic partnerships with Salesforce and Google Cloud. These collaborations will allow Salesforce Marketing GPT, Google Cloud, and Google Workspace customers to create highly customised content within their existing workflows. Stephen Hammond, EVP and GM of Marketing Cloud at Salesforce, affirmed the partnership, stating it would help customers deliver contextual, personalised content quickly at scale to increase customer engagement and drive productivity.

The combination of new funding, strategic partnerships, and ongoing product innovation positions Typeface at the forefront of the generative AI revolution in enterprise content creation. The company is set to redefine the landscape, empowering businesses to harness AI to create personalised content like never before.

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